Oh Man...

What was I thinking hooking up the ‘post tweets’ app to my Livejournal? It’s one thing to leave it dormant for so long but this is just ugly to look back on.

Edit: There, that should help.

Gameday and Links

It's football season, which means plenty of weekends full of family visits and stress fill competition involving the Colts and Razorbacks. I personally have no idea what to expect of the Colts this year, as Andrew Luck's ability to win close games borders on breaking the laws of probability. But for today, let's watch Arkansas beat up on Nicholls State.

Links I found interesting in the past week or so under the cut.

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What, a Blog Post?

Posting again, for no other reason than I wish to.

A couple of months ago, we moved out of our apartment and into a home. The challenges and rewards of having a home to yourself, instead of an apartment, have been a learning experience for both Amy and I, and having a daughter who just turned 1 last June certainly adds to both. It's a true learning experience and we're definitely thankful for it.

Went to Frisco Fest today, which like most American festivals presents several unique delicacies like deep fried Oreos. Maria's first! She also had our first play date today as well.

Some miscellaneous links I've been reading below:

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Happy New Year!!!

It's been quite a year. My first full year married to Amy. And in June, she gave birth to our wonderful daughter Maria.

Amy, you are my love and inspiration. I can't wait to start the next year with you, and God willing, have many, many more.

Happy 2014 all!

It's Cold Here

One of the fun things about Northwest Arkansas as opposed to where I grew up in the Midwest is that winters tend to be shorter and much less severe. It's not uncommon for no serious snow to even fall in a given year. And yet we do have four seasons, which I appreciate. Maybe if I lived further south with perpetually warm weather I'd decide the comfortable climate outweighed the value of seeing the four seasons unfold outside your door but I've always thought the cycle of warm to cold and back again seemed more right.

That said, one of the problems with not having cold very often is, as I'm sure most people are aware, when it does happen the people aren't prepared for it. We had 8 full inches of snow in Rogers and it is clear the road crews were not equipped to handle it. I ventured out on Saturday for much need supplies and a much needed haircut and managed to just survive.

Ah well, it's baby's first snow! And now the Christmas music in the house seems more appropriate with the view outside the balcony.

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We've also started giving Maria some solid food, she doesn't seem quite up on the concept of swallowing yet.

Anyways, to wrap up here's some links I found interesting:

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This Journal of Mine

I started this blog back in 2003. A few of you who read this may recall I used to update this journal regularly (posting my tweets doesn't count). Every now and then I go over my old posts and think it's strange to see what I've written. Not so much that I've changed or I'm embarrassed, it's just that it takes me back to a time in college when I was reflective, taking Bible and History and Philosophy classes and crazy enough to get into an debate with an atheist in an online community at 2 am. I'd write long posts about this or that and half hope, half fear someone would actually comment on them.

I look back on this and sometimes think I'd like to get back into that. But I always end up not finding the time, or stopping, wondering if I really want to post anything, or have anything worthwhile to say.

Now part of this is just that I'm busy. But part of this is motivation. Hardly anyone is still on LiveJournal so it's either public or basically posting to myself and it's just different from posting to this back in my college days vs cross posting something here to be read by a whole bunch of people on Facebook (some of whom I may have to actually interact with face to face, imagine that?) .  I have a job and family now too, and I'm a lot more self conscious about posting these days. That and I probably just don't have as much stomach for it. Or the confidence in my own infallible opinion that I had in college.

I worry that part of this means I just haven't been as intellectually stimulated over the time since I've graduated, which is one reason I keep coming back here. I can't do on Twitter and Facebook quite what I used to do here and that bugs me. That's why I can't bring myself to just cut the cord and declare the journal officially dead. That and sentiment I suppose.

Maybe I'll get back to a regular posting pattern here. Maybe not. If not, I'm glad for what I've had here and if you were around to discuss, argue, or just observe me, thank you. You've been a big part of my growing process.
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Links, etc

Summer is over, at least as far as summer reading and the break. Which means a quieter library but more work in hitting the ground to catch teachers and students attention at the start of the school year.

I used to post various links of interest here back when this journal was more active. Seems like a good thing when I have a lot of interesting links but don't want to clog up your facebook page. Some politics and theology here behind the cut, just to warn.

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Quick Sports Note

While I'm messing around in Livejournal, I also want to say I enjoyed both the Pacers and the NBA Finals, even allowing that the team I wasn't rooting for in either instance won. Hopefully, people can appreciate well played, dramatic basketball, which is what we got this year.

Hopefully, the Pacers can keep the core group together, and maybe add decent backup PG.
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Quick Thoughts On Being a Dad

A couple of things I've observed in the week or so since Maria Grace was born:

  • Women have superpowers. Childbirth is no joke.

  • There's no paranoia quite like having a newborn and wondering every moment whether she'll be okay from one second to the next.

  • Babies have no sense of regular time.

  • You should really sleep when the baby sleeps, or you will not at all.

  • I have truly wonderful set of grandparents on both sides, a loving and kind church family, and encouraging family and friends galore. We are truly blessed. Thank you.


Oh Yeah...Nic Cage is in a new Left Behind Movie

I've been aware of this for awhile but I was just reminded while browsing a film board that the new "Left Behind" movie will indeed star Nicholas Cage. Yep. And yes, it's surreal. A few other fairly notable names as well.

I imagine some of you will be disappointed to hear he does not play the antichrist, therefore depriving us of a Nicholas Cage as a demonic world dictator in all his hammy glory. I don't agree with Left Behind's eschatology but I'm sure it would still be amusing.