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Hoosier Librarian in Razorback Country

Semper Reformanda

Greetings! Feel free to browse around my journal. My memories entries are extensive, though I rarely add to them. I've tagged most of my old entires, but not all. For old stuff, the memories is an excellent way to go, for new stuff, you may wish to search by tag.

Feel free to friend me, though I may not friend you back. I really have trouble keeping up with the friends I have already. If you comment, I only ask that you keep it clean and do not attack anyone else personally. If you plan on posting with any regularity or really want a reponse, introduce yourself in some way with your first post.

I'm a graduate of Cedarville University (Christian College in Ohio), majored in History/Political Science, and received my Master's in Library Science from IUPUI. I am now the Young Adult Librarian for the Rogers Public Library in Rogers, Arkansas.

The opinions expressed here do not reflect the opinions of the city of Rogers Arkansas, or of Rogers Public Library.

I grew up in rural and suburban Indiana. I've got an addiction to internet surfing, like cheap video games, watching the Indianapolis Colts and Indiana Pacers, action cartoons, and good books of all sorts.